Test Driven Development – By Example

In Book Reviews by Hoani Bryson

  • Kent Beck
  • Software Practices
  • Intermediate
  • 205 pages


I didn’t enjoy this book. Test-Driven Development by Example is hard work to get through. That’s because it makes you fire up your PC and learn some stuff about programming practices. It’s like being at University again, except you can probably apply the lessons immediately. So while I didn’t enjoy the book, what I have enjoyed is the transformation of the way I have developed code over the past month.

Kent Beck appears to roll with a certain software mob lead by the infamous Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob is a part-time actor, programmer and software mob boss who enjoys filming himself cosplaying as several software stereotypes while teaching people about the SOLID principles. However, the industry are paying attention to this group who are responsible for driving several changes in the software industry including Agile, Extreme programming, SCRUM, design patterns, and in Kent’s book test driven development (or TDD).

Before reading this book, I had dabbled with software testing and had read several books which used testing as a means to validate already written code. Understanding how to test effectively and combining it with the TDD cycle is a powerful combination.